Best Ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases

Abhyanga or Abhyanjana is the process of rubbing medicated oil over the entire body. Abhyanga is a good preventive measure against skin diseases, improves the complexion and prevents ageing.

In this oil massage, the patient is made to lie on a droni (wooden bed) and medicated oil is applied all over the body by two efficient therapists. They work in tandom, synchronizing their strokes and massages according to the circulatory and marma points. The oil used in this is often pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions and detoxifying sesame oils are chosen according to one’s illness.

Abhyanga can be a daily routine before bath and this kind of oleation serves an effective prophylactic against many ailments. The application of oil to the head promotes sound sleep at night and also improves eyesight.