Health tips for you

  1. Henna is a well known herb which helps in increasing hair growth and maintaining hair health.
  2. Aloe Vera is really quite an incredible plant. It fights against the skin allergies and heals all the wounds. It is useful for X-ray burns, dermatitis, cutaneous and disorders of skin. Aloe Vera Gel has the remarkable ability to heal wounds, ulcer and burns. It moisturizes the skin and adds to its elasticity. It compensates the lost collagen and repairs the damaged skin tissues.
  3. Boil 15 fresh Mango leave in 1 glass of water. Leave overnight. Filter this water and drink first thing in the morning. It is an effective home ready for diabetes.
  4. Raspberry is considered to be one of the best remedy which can be used in order to treat the oral cancer. One needs to consume the juice of raspberry for at least more than three months in order to get good and effective results. And make sure the quantity of the juice should not be less than a cup. However, it will take at least three to four months to resolve all the symptoms of oral carcinoma.
  5. For some quick fresh breaths chew a mint cloves, fennel or anise seed, especially after odorous meals.
  6. The best way to cool down an acute back pain is with ice. For best results try ice massage. Put an ice pack on the site of the pain and massage the spot for 7 to 8 mintues. Do this for a day or two.
  7. Mix a capful of corn syrup in your baby's food to get rid of constipation.
  8. Potato Flour is one of the popular home remedies for allergies like rash. Melt 3 full tbsp of potato flour in a glass of water. Add this to a bucket of water. Take a bath using this water.
  9. After all three meals take a small piece of jaggery and keep it in your mouth and suck. Jaggery facilitates digestion and activates the digestive enzymes and itself changes to acetic acid in the stomach, thereby speeding up digestion and making the process go very smooth, reducing strain on the intestines and digestive tract.
  10. Chew your food till it is of an even consistency because it helps improve digestion and absorption of the food. There's no fixed time duration. The food just needs to be mashed up uniformly.
  11. For dazzling eyes, apply honey around the eyes and wash it off with cold water after an hour.