An Ayurvedic treatment best for facial paralysis

Talapotichil or covering the head is an Ayurvedic treatment for many major and minor diseases that upset the head. In this a crown is kept covered with gooseberry paste for a specific period. To make this medicinal past, gooseberries, from which the stones have been removed, are soaked in a mixture of buttermilk and a medicinal decoction. This is stored in earthen vessels overnight. The next morning, the soaked gooseberries are ground to a coarse paste and applied to the patient’s head. The hair on the head is completely shaven or at least cut short.

First, a Vartti (head band) is tied and then oil applied to the head of the seated patient. After this, a 3 cm thick layer of gooseberry paste is applied all over the head. Talapotichil is used to treat ailments like facial paralysis, Pakshaghata or hemiplegia which are caused by Vata disorders